Infostack’s Writer’s Craft 4.0

Y’all, it is time to invest in yourself…in your writing journey. One of the best ways to do this, in my opinion, is through Infostack’s Writer’s Craft 4.0.

The writing journey rarely unfolds in a straight line. More often than not, it ebbs and flows depending upon our time, responsibilities, inspiration, jobs, and any number of other things. But no matter where you are in our writing careers, one of your goals should be to always be a learner.


Because we want to continue to grow in our craft. There are a lot of ways to do that.

  • Read books. We absorb through our reading.
  • Write—if not daily, then as much as reasonably possible.
  • Find your people–nobody understands a writer’s life like another writer.
  • And find resources like Writer’s Craft 4.0.
The Value

This is $6000 dollars worth of A-Maz-Ing resources for writers for…wait for it…$49.

You read that right…$49.

It’s an exclusive Black Friday writing deal, which contains products that share insider secrets you won’t find elsewhere…at least not easily. 

And, guess what?

There is a free WriterSpark bundle with lifetime access! It includes a Hero’s Journey mini course, one on writing great dialogue, and a downloadable workbook full of planning page for your novel.

If that isn’t enough, take a moment to look at some of the offerings:

  • Donna Sozio’s Write a Better Book in Less Time. Learn insider publishing secrets that run the entire publishing, media, and entertainment industries.  
  • Megan Zavala’s Author Power Pack. Discover the #1 mistake that most authors are making without even realizing it (and what you can do to take your writing to the next level).
  • An advanced writing platform stuffed with tools to make your writing and editing easier and faster, plus keep your characters, story arc, and world organized so you can publish your book like a pro.
  • Genre-specific writing techniques for fantasy, kidlit, non-fiction, to series writing, to screenplays and memoirs.
  • Jeff Leisawitz’s Not F*ing Around: The No Bullsh*t Guide for Getting Your Creative Dreams Off the Ground 
  • Fixing Your Character and Point of View Problems by Janice Hardy. Solve your character-related issues so that readers fall in love!
  • Create Compelling Characters by Devlin Blake. Learn how to develop characters readers can’t get enough of. This course shows you how to get to the heart of your character FAST, so you can go back to writing the fun part of your book.
  • The Essential Fantasy Writing Course by Richie Billing. Create lifelike fantasy characters that feel alive. 
  • A Bitesize Lesson on Crafting Complex Characters by Maame Blue. Write characters that come off the page with these writing exercises, top tips and a book excerpt that demonstrates the lessons.
  • Nailed It, Writing a Novel in 30 Days Planner and Workbook by Susan Palmquist. Anytime you want to write a story fast (eg. NaNoWriMo), this should be your go-to workbook. 
  • WriteAway! By Sherry Ward. Go from writer’s block to writer’s flow and complete your manuscript with this game-changing planning system.
  • Finish Your Novel Faster – How to Gamify Your Writing Life by Greta Boris & Megan Haskell. Build a writing habit, get in the flow, and gamify the process so that your book gets written even if you struggle to find time and stay focused.

Y’all, I really encourage you to check this out. It’s a great way to invest in yourself and your writing journey.

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