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The Hero’s Journey: A Knight’s Tale

Movie: A Knight’s Tale, starring Heath Ledger, Paul Bettany, and Rufus Sewel Hero– Will Thatcher Ordinary World– Will is a peasant squire. The opening scene, his master has just died. Call to Adventure– Will Thatcher wants to better his station in the world. His Call to Adventure is initiated by him. Refusal of Call– Despite Will’s desire to change his stars, he can’t realistically do this because you are born into nobility…and he was not. This is the refusal, thrust upon him by circumstances. Meeting mentor– Will Thatcher meets Geoffrey Chaucer, played by Paul Bettany. Chaucer gives Will vital information

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Rafflecopter Course Giveaway!

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All About The Hero’s Journey Database

The Hero’s Journey is a passion of mine. From the time I first read about it, I was interested. Once I started studying it, I became more and more fascinated by its storytelling power.  The hero is an archetypal character and his or her journey full of archetypal moments which, ultimately, offer reader (or viewer, as The Hero’s Journey is widely used in Hollywood films) satisfaction. Why is The Hero’s Journey so compelling? It comes down to the transformation of an ordinary person into a hero. We–humans–respond to this because we can put ourselves into the role and see the

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