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Do you Understand the Building Blocks of a Scene?

Do you understand the building blocks of a scene? Have you heard of scene and sequel? The concept and terms (confusing because there is both Scene and scene) were coined by Dwight Swain in his book, Techniques of the Selling Writer. At its core, scene and sequel are ways to control the pace of your story, and keep your plot moving forward.   Scene allows tension to build; Sequel allows the reader time to process, and the Point of View character’s actions drive the plot forward.  Looking at the big picture of your story, your ultimate goal is to create an emotional

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6 Questions to Ask Before You Write a Scene

Writing a scene takes thought. Before starting, it is a good idea to ask yourself a few questions. This will help you hone in on the core elements of the scene you are planning, and will (hopefully) make it much easier to write. Today I have 6 questions to ask yourself before writing a scene. 1. What is the purpose of your scene?a) Will it advance the plot? If so, how?b) Will it introduce a new character or develop an existing      one? If so, how?c) Will it develop the romance (if there is one)?d) If you are writing a mystery, does it

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How to be a Plotter and a Pantser

Usually, writers fall into one of two camps: Outliners (Plotters) or Pantsers. Is it possible to be both? Yes! (n this Craft Chat, Daryl Wood Gerber and I talk about just that. Take a look to learn more about how to be a plotter and a pantser. Want another Craft Chat? Try Lessons Learned in the Writers Room with Ellen Byron. By the way: Follow the WriterSpark page on Facebook and the Memoir Challenge group! Join the WriterSpark Academy newsletter! And share with your writing besties. Know a writer, aspiring or other, who might like this content? Share this site with with them!

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