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Building strong connections with new and existing customers with high-quality copywriting, website copy, and content creation for blogs, emails, and newsletters is one of the most important things a business-owner can do. Let me be your partner.


Words and writing.

They are my passion and my life. How amazing that simple lines and shapes have the power to educate, transform, and convert.

As a freelance writer and editor, I have the skillset and experience to produce and deliver exactly what you need. My love of words and your passion for your business makes us perfect partners.

How I Can Help You

My nearly two decades as a writer have equipped me with a deep breadth of knowledge and experience. I can help clients connect with their customers and and can help writers reach their goals.

Website designers:

Let me be your writing partner. I will make your clients’ copy come alive in a way that compliments your visual design. Let’s talk!

Fiction writers:

Do you need developmental or line editing? Whatever your writing needs, I am here to be your partner.

My Skills

➨ Storytelling and freelance editing experience with satisfied clients
➨ Expertise in writing blog posts, marketing emails, e-newsletters, and content creation with strong SEO
➨ Ghostwriting experience, including working with ABC/Disney, on television tie-in projects
➨ Deep understanding of how to use words to transform and convert
➨ Storytelling as a marketing tool
➨ Writing case studies that resonate with customers
➨ On-time delivery of quality work
➨ WordPress website construction, content creation, and SEO
➨ Writing engaging blog content with SEO
➨ Direct response marketing with strong headlines and calls to action
➨ Strong client/customer communication
➨ Deep understanding of the English language, grammar, and keywords

My Passion is Writing

My passion is writing, in all its various forms. My writing skills are evidenced through my fiction writing as a national bestselling author, through my nonfiction books, freelance editing jobs and testimonials, and my other published works.

As I said, words are truly my life and passion.

My Specialties

I specialize in:

➨ Website copywriting
➨ Blog content creation
➨ Copywriting for newsletters
➨ Email marketing/copywriting
➨ Freelance developmental and line editing

Learn More

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