The Artist Archetype for Fiction Writers
Professor Trelawney Harry Potter Artist Archetype

The Artist is also called a creator. They are imaginative and less constrained by rules, laws, and structure. The Artist is a dreamer. In fiction, that can manifest as a musician, a writer, an actual artist, or an inventor.

The Artist can get lost in his or her world. He or she recognizes beauty and is very sensory (the five senses are heightened). He or she can feel very connected to the world and is in touch with their spiritual self, whatever that may look like. The Artist can process the abstract. 

Goal: To create
Core Traits: Imaginative, intuitive, unique, free-spirit, values beauty and culture, curious
Core Motivation: Compelled to use imagination
Flaws: Fear of mediocrity or perfectionism can be stifling, and passion can be isolating
Well-known Artists:
Willy Wonka (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), Professor Trewlwany (Harry Potter), Doc Brown (Back to the Future), Dr. Frankenstein (Frankenstein), John Hammond, Jurassic Park


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