Archetype Caregiver for fiction writers
caregiver archetype, Miss Honey from Mathilda, for fiction writers

The Caregiver is a peaceful archetype whose main purpose is to take care of others, particularly the hero. This can manifest in many ways, but especially in the roles of parent, best friend, mentor, or teacher. In Jungian tradition, the Caretaker is the Mother

While every character is the hero of their own journey, the Caregiver’s role is to help the hero succeed through support and unconditional love. They can be the hero but are often a supporting character to the hero (parent, best friend, teacher, mentor, sibling…)

Goal: To help others
Guiding Traits: Compassion, helpful, generous, selfless or altruistic, honorable, sees the best in others, often willing to sacrifice themselves in order to help or save another
Guiding Motivation: to protect those s/he loves
Flaws: Over-indulgent, over-protective, martyrdom, vulnerable, rose-colored glasses, inability to see the ‘bad’
Well-known Caregivers
Mary Poppins, Charlotte (Charlotte’s Web), Miss Honey (Mathilda), Mrs. Weasley and Hagrid (Harry Potter), Mammy (Gone With the Wind)

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