The Innocent Archetype for Writers
The-Innocent archetype for writers


The Innocent, also called the Child, in often characterized as naïvely optimistic. His/her outlook may be untainted by the harsher realities of life or the world. They are ‘morally’ pure. 

The Innocent archetype is usually a starting point for a character (hero) in their journey. Through the road of trials, he/she will gain understanding of the world and will experience growth.


Goal: To be happy
Guiding Traits: Honest and trustworthy, optimistic, sincere, trusting of others 
Guiding Motivation: To have fun
Flaws: Trusting too easily and without enough caution, naïve, generally inexperienced, which equates to a lack of worldliness making them potentially vulnerable
Well-known Innocents:
Merry and Pippin (Lord of the Rings), Scout (To Kill a Mockingbird), Elf , Prissy (Gone With the Wind), Dory (Finding Nemo)


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