Archetype: The Jester

The Jester, also known as the Joker, doesn’t take life too seriously. They are light-hearted and generally offer comic relief. They might have a “you only live once” attitude. They often live in the moment, not always thinking about the consequences for their actions.

The Jester might mock authority and can be irreverent.

Goal: To have fun
Core Traits: Humorous, playful, funny, spontaneous, clever
Core Motivation: To bring levity to any situation
Flaws: Potential to be frivolous, not seeing or caring about the consequences of their actions, fear of being boring or ordinary
Well-known Examples:
  • Grandma Mazur (Stephanie Plum), Donkey (Shrek), Ferris Bueller (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off), Jarjar Banks (Star Wars), Weasley brothers (Harry Potter)

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