The Lover Archetype for writers
The lover archetype for writers Moonstruck

The Lover follows his/her heart. They are guided by their emotions more than anything else, and they usually wear these emotions on their proverbial sleeve.

This love can come in the form of love for self, friends, family, as well as a romantic experience. The Lover has a rose-colored view of the world because love is a huge part of their world.

Goal: To be surrounded by love
Guiding Traits: Devotion, compassion, protective, committed
Guiding Motivation: To love and to be loved and have intimacy
Flaws: Potentially being a wallflower, fear of being alone, jealousy, and obsessiveness are possible flaws faced by the Lover
Well-known Lovers:
Dorothy Boyd (Jerry Maguire), Jo Stockton (Funny Face), Jack Dawson (Titanic), Belle (Beauty and the Beast, Ronny Cammareri (Moonstruck)

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