the magician archetype for writers
Doc Brown Magician Archetype

The Magician has power which can manifest in various ways including: wealth, knowledge, physical strength, charisma, and when taken literally (which happens often), may actually employ magic and can often manipulate reality.

The Magician can facilitate change, be a visionary, be a catalyst for change, be a healer, or be an inventor. He or she seeks transformation. People hold the Magician in high regard and admiration.

Goal: To make dreams a reality
Core Traits: A visionary, intelligent, powerful, clever, transformative, perceptive (and when literal: omniscient, magic power)
Core Motivation: To make change
Flaws: Potential for overuse of power, potential for arrogance, over-confidence, potential to manipulate
Well-known Magicians:
◦ Hermoine Granger (Harry Potter), Gandalf (Lord of the Rings), Brenda
Leigh Johnson (The Closer), Yoda (Star Wars), Doc Brown (Back to the Future)

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