Archetype: The Outlaw

The Outlaw, who is also called the Rebel, doesn’t follow the rules. He or she is someone fights to right wrongs. If something is broken, in their eyes, they will work to fix it even if it is outside the law or social norms. They may do questionable things. They are rebellious and usually very charismatic.

The Outlaw is also very flawed. He or she is sometimes a misfit, not willing or able to ‘fit in’. As such, the Outlaw may break the law to get what he/she wants.

Goal: Fight the System

Core Traits: Strong, courageous, charismatic, revolutionary, resourceful, confident, daring

Core Motivation: To right wrongs

Flaws: Can’t stand to be unsuccessful or powerless to change what needs changing, potential to become corrupt

Well-known Outlaws:

  • Han Solo (Star Wars), Princess Merida (Brave), Captain Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean), Sirius Black (Harry Potter), Sarah Connor (Terminator)

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