Archetype: The Ruler

The Ruler is a natural born leader. He or she is in charge. This can manifest through a job (lawyer, law enforcement, spy), being the “boss”, military position, royalty. Following is not in their nature.

The Ruler takes responsibility for people and/or society. He wants to create order from chaos, hierarchy when there was no structure.

They are influential and usually have a well-developed skillset.


Goal: Be powerful

Core Traits: Responsible, leader, charismatic, powerful

Core Motivation: To be in control

Flaws: Can be too controlling or out of touch with the “everyman”, unlikable, risk of corruption, greed, desire for power can lead to corruption

Well-known Rulers:

    • Danny Ocean (Ocean’s Eleven), Margaret Tate (The Proposal),

    • Ghandi (Ghandi-Benevolent), Commodus (Gladiator-Corrupt), President Snow (Hunger Games-Corrupt


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