Archetype: The Sage

The Sage can be a powerful figure who is often seen in a mentor role. He or she is a wise figure who wants to help the hero on his/her journey. The Sage is intelligent, knowledgable, and offers guidance. For the Sage, knowledge is boundless.

The Sage may often be seen as a teacher, parent, or tutor. They will often teach the hero a lesson necessary for the hero’s ultimate success or to facilitate growth. Other roles for the sage are as an expert, law enforcement, a philosopher, or an academic.

Goal: Use wisdom and intelligence to guide
Core Traits: Wise, intelligent, strong moral confession, caring, insightful
Core Motivation: To find the truth
Flaws: Being unable to help, being deceived
Well-known Sages:
  • Professor McGonagall (Harry Potter), Professor Dumbledore (Harry Potter), The Oracle (The Matrix), Obi-Wan Kenobi (Star Wars), Birdie (You’ve Got Mail)

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