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Scroll down to watch on YouTube! That Old Adage Understanding how your fictional characters react is essential to  making them three-dimensional. There is […]
Owen Wilson plays a great everyman, and in Marry Me, he has a clear Hero’s Journey. Charlie, Marry Me (Owen Wilson, with Jennifer […]
Marry Me is a light romantic comedy of the first order, and Kat Valdez has a clear Hero’s Journey. Kat Valdez, Marry Me […]
Jonah Byrde is not your typical hero, but he is a compelling one. Jonah Byrde (Ozark, 2017-2022 with Jason Bateman, Laura Linney, Sofia […]
The original Top Gun has a clear Hero’s Journey. The Hero’s Journey: Top Gun (1986), with Tom Cruise, Anthony Edwards, Tom Skerritt, TJ […]
We read to escape, and when we read, we put ourselves into the roles of the characters we’re reading about. In a sense, […]
Have you heard of the hero’s journey? It’s at the core of the mythic structure. It basically goes like this: Hero lives in […]
Heath Ledger is a Compelling Hero from  A Knight’s Tale His path follows the Hero’s Journey. Not only that, the movie is a […]
Late Night is a fun movie, and, of course, it has a Hero’s Journey. Movie: Late Night, starring Mindy Kaling and Emma Thomson […]
The Hero’s Journey is a passion of mine. From the time I first read about it, I was interested. Once I started studying […]