Do you know 5 Guidelines for Writing a Memoir? This free webinar shares my five tips.  But let’s back up. The mere idea of writing a memoir can be wrought with emotion. Do you really want to revisit–or dig in–to the past? The answer to that lies with in you. But I promise you, unlocking your memories and delving into your history will be life-changing. There are so many reasons to write a memoir: to share your story with friends and family to heal for catharsis to connect with people to share history you’ve been part of to reveal a truth I fall into the camp that EVERYONE has a story to tell. That means you! Even if you never write a memoir, take a look at this webinar. Thinking about your history and unlocking memories is a wonderful experience in and of itself. CLICK HERE to jump straight to the webinar, or below to watch a quick intro.