Field Guide to Writing a Cozy Mystery

If you’ve wanted to write a cozy mystery but haven’t quite known where to start, this online class if for you!

The course allows you to work at your own pace as you create a hook, develop your series setting, create your sleuth, victim, villain, supporting cast, and suspect pool. From there, you will craft the crime, the clues and red herrings, and map everything out on a cozy template.

When you are finished, you will have the genre knowledge you need to write a competitive cozy mystery, and you will have the confidence to do it well.

What you get in this course:

  • 10 modules
  • 28 videos with instruction and examples
  • 44 Infographics and Activity Handouts (also available in workbook format)

This course has everything you need to move forward and write the cozy mystery you’ve been wanting to write. 

Take your dream of writing a cozy mystery and make it a reality!

Learn more at the WriterSpark Academy Course.

Payment plan is also available to make it as easy as possible for you!

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