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Book and Ebook Premade Cover DesignsAs an independent author, it may be overwhelming to think about how to find and collaborate with a book cover designer. Think about it. You’ve put your heart and soul into writing your book. Now you want to make sure it has a cover that entices readers. Because, of course, you know how important a book cover is in attracting potential readers.

Where do you Start?

In one fell swoop, a book cover has to grab a reader’s attention, convey the essence of your book in tone and genre, and say to them: This book is for you!

But how do you go about finding the right book cover designer and collaborating effectively with them? In this blog post, I’ll guide you through the process, step by step.

Begin Your Search for a Book Cover Designer Online

You can start Googling Book Cover Designers and Ebook Cover Designers, or be more specific and say Cozy Mystery Book Cover Designers. See what shows up in the search.

Alternatively, you can go to a place like The Book Cover Designer and Book Cover Zone, both of which have premade covers. This is a pretty affordable way to go if you don’t have a ton of money to spend on book covers.

Go Custom

Custom book cover designers is the other way to go. Word of mouth is one way to find reputable designers. If you have fellow writers who are happy with their covers, ask them who their designer is. Also, most will ask that you credit them on the copyright page, so if you find a cover you love on a random book, take a look at the copyright page to see if the cover artist is credited. 

If you don’t want to actually buy the book, no worries! Most retailers allow you to read a sample for free which should include the copyright page. 

Custom covers can get very expensive, so you have to evaluate your budget and marketing plan to decide what makes the most sense for you.

Other Freelance Sites

Beyond these two starting points, you can also check out other freelance sites such as:

Search by genre or style to find designers who fit with what you want.

Step 2
Make a Shortlist and Dig Deeper

Once you’ve identified potential book cover design artists, what’s next? How do you choose the book cover artist you want to collaborate with? Now is when you dig a little deeper.

Portfolio Assessment:

Take a good look at their portfolio, which should be on their website. Does their style match your book’s genre and themes?


Are there reviews? Does the artist seem to be timely, responsive, and have overall positive reviews?

Note: If a book cover design artist is new, they might not have many testimonials. Maybe you can be one for them! You might also get a better price from new artists starting their book cover design business.

Step 3
Communicate Your Vision Clearly

Once you’ve chosen someone to reach out to, follow their process. Effective two-way communication is key when working with a book cover designer.

Use their Process

If they have a form to fill out with important information about your cover, do that first. Follow up if they have questions before the design process begins.

Ask how many potential covers you will receive and how many revision cycles you will go through.

Design Overview

If the cover designer does not have a form or process, prepare a detailed design description of what you want which includes your book’s genre, target audience, and any specific ideas you have for the cover.

All of this information will help your designer understand your vision better.

It will help you better understand what you want, as well. Knowledge is power, so knowing what you want and what you don’t will make the process easier.

Step 4
Collaboration and Feedback

The design process is a two-way street. Trust your artist’s expertise and be collaborative.

Be Open to Input

Remember, your designer is an expert in their field. Be open to their suggestions and insights. 

Step 5
Finalize and Get Your Files

After your design is complete and you’re satisfied with the result, it’s time to wrap things up:

File Formats

Ensure you receive the final design in various formats suitable for print and digital use.


In conclusion, as an indie author, finding and working with a book cover designer is an essential step in your indie-publishing journey. I hope the steps above will help you find the perfect book cover design artist for you, and guides you through the process of collaborating on and developing your book covers.

Your goal is to find the designer who will bring your book to life visually and help you embark or continue on your indie publishing adventure with confidence.

Go forth and get covered!

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