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WriterSpark Academy began with the online courses on Teachable. I have teaching in my blood and wanted to continue to teach without going back into the classroom.

It didn’t take long for me to realize where the answer lay: It was obvious: create writing courses. 

That is what I did, and WriterSpark Academy was born. 

Paying It Forward

From there, I launched the YouTube channel, this website, and the Podcast. Many authors helped me when I was starting out. Now it’s my turn to pay it forward with some of what I have created.

Creating Merch

A bonus, and something I hadn’t given any thought to, was creating WriterSpark merchandise, but that was another no brainer. Most of the writers I know love to share that face about them with the world.

I happen to love the WriterSpark logo with the colorful pen, and I thought it would look amazing on tee shirts and hoodies and coffee mugs.

Look! I was right!

If you want to show your WriterSpark, go grab a tee shirt or hoodie or mug or whatever puts a smile on your face.

And keep writing!

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Ever considered hiring a developmental editor? That something I do! Check it out.

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