It is so important to add diversity to your writing. It must be done with intention and respect. No stereotypes!

As writers, creating diverse fictional worlds that reflect the world and communities we live in is essential. And it is a conversation we don’t have nearly often enough.

Valerie Burns and I talked about this (among other things) on the WriterSpark podcast. Valerie is the author of multiple cozy mystery series and is a delight.

We talked about the importance of adding diversity of all kinds to your cast of characters. It’s essential to have conversations like these so we all learn how to represent races and cultures and sexuality intentionally and with authenticity and respect in our writing. Because we live in a diverse world filled with people who are of varying races, cultures, and who practice different religions, and politics, and who may live their lives differently than we do.

Understanding comes from having these types of conversations. Thank you to Valerie for taking the time to join me on my podcast. I hope you enjoy it!


Download the Transcript: VM Burns Podcast Transcript

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