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Are you ready to take action and transform your life? If you have wanted to write a book, a cozy mystery, or a memoir, now is the time to stop dreaming and start doing. Change your life now by enrolling in one of these transformative master classes.

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Stop dreaming and start WRITING.

If you’ve dreamed of writing a book, now is the time to start turning that dream into a reality. Transform your life now with WriterSpark’s self-paced, online courses. They are designed with YOU in mind. Whether you want to write a novel, a mystery, or a memoir, each course will take you through the process. By the time you’re finished, you will be well on your way to making your dream of writing a book a reality.

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Writing courses for aspiring writers
Online Writing Courses to Transform Your Life

Wherever you are on your writing journey, let WriterSpark be your partner. Start your writing journey now!

Melissa is a #1 Amazon and national bestselling author, writing instructor & coach, podcaster, and book cover designer

Her writing career started in 2008 when her first series was published by St. Martin’s Press. Since then, she has been published traditionally with Thomas Dunne Books at SMP, NAL/Penquin Random House, and Kensington, and she is also indie-published.

She had a dream of writing a book and set out to learn everything she could about how to craft a story. 35 books later, she is still writing, but also sharing her knowledge through WriterSpark.

WriterSpark Academy

She built WriterSpark Academy as a way to pay it forward. In order to do this, she took what she’s learned in almost two decades in the publishing industry, distilling that knowledge and sharing it through her academy website and here with her Master Classes.

Start your own writing journey right here, and ignite your WriterSpark!

Highlighting the three master classes offered by WriterSpark Academy: 30 Days to Craft a Novel, Field Guide to Writing a Cozy Mystery, and What's Your Story, Write Your Memoir
Client Testimonials for WriterSpark Academy online courses for writers

“I fell in love with Melissa’s/Winnie’s books. When she created WriterSpark Academy, I knew I had to be a part of her classes. Her books make writing look like an effortless activity. That’s how outstanding she is, because authoring a story or a novel is not done by simply waving a magic wand. She’s a former educator, so I knew her classes would be solid. I wasn’t wrong! The organization and structure she’s built made me feel like I was in a college, maybe even a master’s level class. Don’t let that scare you because her classes are truly for ANYONE who would like to write or learn more about writing.”

“Melissa Bourbon is an outstanding teacher and editor. I’ve worked with her several times, and her instructions and responses are always clear and helpful while remaining kind and encouraging. She provided fantastic developmental edits on what became my first published book, and I didn’t hesitate to consult with her on a later project. That revised manuscript eventually connected me with my first agent and became my first published book. I highly recommend Melissa’s services.”

“Just hearing and seeing the three-act structure and The Hero’s Journey in lessons and examples was so incredibly informative. I learned so much and know how to structure my novel now!”

“Bourbon’s class covers about 20+ lessons with bonus material. As a result, I’ve learned more writing basics from her than I did on my college campus. She’s so very detail-oriented and practical.

The examples she uses for each topic are plentiful and relatable. It’s so easy to connect with the direction Bourbon is trying to move you in. I’ve found every lesson of hers invaluable.”

“I liked how the instructor organized the topics and her exercises and downloadable content were excellent. The pacing was very good. There were sufficient examples, but not too many, so there wasn’t a lot of fluff. The lectures were succinct and thorough.”

Want to hear more about how transformative WriterSpark Courses are? Read more student testimonials.

“I very much appreciate the fact that she is a cozy mystery writer herself – and a prolific one! Her presentation of the material was clear and easy to understand. She also speaks well – not too fast, not slow, and she looks professional. All of this made me feel like I was in good hands. Thank you very much Melissa!”

“I see the process of writing less daunting and more attainable because of the lessons and information presented. By the end of the 4th week I was ready to actually start achieving my dream of writing my first novel.”

“Melissa guided me through writing my first book, combining smart editing with terrific ideas about plot, story, character arc, and everything else I needed to put my writing in the best position to compete in the marketplace. More than that, her encouragement and upbeat attitude were lifesavers. After any meeting or phone call with Melissa, I couldn’t wait to get back my computer to write. She is everything a writing coach should be, and usually isn’t.”

And even more!

“The plethora of examples that were easy to connect with were most valuable. Showing us multiple examples also helped a lot. We can see things from more than one angle.”

“I really think the infographics were very good. I am a visual learner, not an audio one, so this kind of stuff really helped me.”

“Melissa is a teacher, mentor and encourager. Thanks to her sage advice, I grew as a writer and my piece was selected as a winner at the Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference.”

“I highly recommend this class. When I completed the last lesson, tears filled my eyes. I didn’t want to part with learning from her.”

“Through WriterSpark Writing Academy’s courses, I see the writing process less daunting and my personal goals more attainable. Melissa Bourbon is a natural teacher, exciting motivator, and knowledgeable guide. She shares her own experience as a writer with her students. The classes are easy to follow. The instruction, support, feedback, and encouragement she offers is high quality. I am excited to joinher future WriterSpark Academy Courses!”

“An excellent lesson on dialogue that was very helpful and the instructor knew her stuff. I’ve been writing for quite a while and I still learned some new things. It is a course that is well worth taking!”

How do you know if these online writing programs will impact your writing life?


Do you have a passion for the written word? Are you unsure where to start?

If you answered yes to these questions, then self-paced online writing courses may be just what you need because they provide an accessible and flexible learning experience. They allow individuals to enhance their writing skills and knowledge at their own pace.

Online Writing Courses from WriterSpark Academy

WriterSpark’s courses offer a variety of engaging content and exercises, consequently empowering learners (ie, you!) to improve their writing abilities and pursue their creative or professional goals.

WriterSpark’s self-paced online writing courses will help you start writing the novel of your dreams. 

What is a Self-Paced Online Writing Course?

Self-paced online writing courses are just what they sound like. You work through the content at your own pace with the guidance of the instructor. WriterSpark offers several online courses.

WriterSpark’s courses offer a variety of engaging content and exercises. Through them, you will be empowered to improve your writing abilities and pursue and achieve your writing goals.

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30 Days to Craft Your Novel online writing course from WriterSpark Academy
Field Day to Writing a Cozy Mystery from WriterSpark Academy
Memoir Writing Online Course from WriterSpark Academy
Online writing courses to transform your life

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