Do you know 5 Guidelines for Writing a Memoir? This free webinar shares my five tips.  But let’s back up. The mere idea of writing a memoir can be wrought with emotion. Do you really want to revisit–or dig in–to the past? The answer to that lies with in you. But I promise you, unlocking your memories and delving into your history will be life-changing. There are so many reasons to write a memoir: to share your story with friends and family to heal for catharsis to connect with people to share history you’ve been part of to reveal a truth I fall into the camp that EVERYONE has a story to tell. That means you! Even if you never write a memoir, take a look at this webinar. Thinking about your history and unlocking memories is a wonderful experience in and of itself. CLICK HERE to jump straight to the webinar, or below to watch a quick intro.

Writers, writers! This is an awesome giveaway opportunity. If you want to learn craft, a want to hone your skills, or if you have a hankering to get more specific about the ins and outs of a cozy mystery, enter to win enrollment into either 30 Days to Craft Your Novel, Field Guide to Writing a Cozy Mystery, or three (3) 1:1 coaching sessions! The link to the Rafflecopter: ⬇️

WriterSpark Academy is a place to find everything you need to ignite your WriterSpark. Read on to learn more about the site and what you will learn here. Content is added regularly, so be sure to come back to explore new topics.  Upcoming series include: Outlining  Story Structure Scene Structure Character Development Writing Life Editorial Services and One-on-One Coaching I offer One-on-One Coaching via the WriterSpark Academy online platform. I also offer a variety of editorial services. You can learn more about them Here. The Blog The WriterSpark Blog offers content specifically geared to help aspiring writers, as well as writers at any level, to hone their craft and refine their understanding of story structure, scene structure, character development, the writing life, and more. Writing Prompts Tap into your creativity by tackling the WriterSpark writing prompts. Come back often and Ignite your WriterSpark!

Welcome to WriterSpark! I’m Melissa Bourbon, founder of WriterSpark and WriterSpark Academy, an online learning platform for writers. I’m a teacher, content creator, and National Bestselling author of more than 25 books.  I created WriterSpark as a way to pay it forward. My first novel was published in 2008. In the years since, I’ve honed my craft, learned about the industry, and figured out how to balance my writing life with the rest of my life. I want to share what I’ve learned with you. Get to Know Me on the ABOUT page.  You can learn about my path to publication, and more. Check out the Blog I’ve had writing craft articles  published in various publications, and have been a speaker at many events. This content, as well as articles on craft, are found on the blog.  Writing Prompts My entire writing career started with writing prompts. A friend and I met once a month at a coffee shop where …

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