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This is How to Use Tropes to Create Original Stories In the world of storytelling, tropes are the building blocks. They can be […]
Harness the Benefits of Process Writing to Unlock Creativity Story structure is at the heart of storytelling. Many writers use the Hero’s Journey, […]
There are 10 very good reasons why it is vital for writers to also be readers. Let’s start with this: Successful people read. They read to gain knowledge, to learn about the world, its people, different cultures, and they read, as Oprah Winfrey says, because it is a “path to freedom”. For many people, reading is a hobby. Maybe that hobby is what influenced your decision to write. For writers, however, reading is far more than a hobby. It should be something you do…and do a lot. It should be a priority in your daily life. So, writers, read…and reap the benefits.
How Can Turning Points in a Story Make it Rivting? What are Turning Points in a Story? Turning points in a story will […]
If you’re a YouTube fan, check out the WriterSpark Academy YouTube channel and subscribe! You’ll find writing tips and author interviews about the […]
Do you know how to add humor to your writing? You don’t have to be a side-splitting funny person to be able to […]