Hero's Journey Database

The Hero’s Journey is a passion of mine. From the time I first read about it, I was interested. Once I started studying it, I became more and more fascinated by its storytelling power. 

The hero is an archetypal character and his or her journey full of archetypal moments which, ultimately, offer reader (or viewer, as The Hero’s Journey is widely used in Hollywood films) satisfaction.

Why is The Hero’s Journey so compelling?

It comes down to the transformation of an ordinary person into a hero. We–humans–respond to this because we can put ourselves into the role and see the potential we all have to be heroic.

All cultures and individuals make sense of the world they live in by telling stories. The hero’s journey tells us who we are, and what destinies we are here to fulfill.

Read  my Overview of The Hero’s Journey to understand the 12 steps.

This database breaks down books and movies into those 12 steps. Check back for new examples and if you’d like to submit one to be included int he database  email it to WriterSpark!