Have you Seen Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief?

Have you seen Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief?

If you have, have you ever looked at it through the lens of The Hero’s Journey? If not, you are in the right place because that is exactly what I do in the new WriterSpark podcast.

Big Tip!

One of the best ways to really begin to internalize the steps and importance of The Hero’s Journey in writing is to analyze books and movies that use the story structure. Disney and Pixar movies offer particularly strong examples of this story structure in action. Watching movies and breaking down the Hero’s Journeys is one of my favorite pastimes!

In This Episode

In this episode, I look at Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief (the movie) and follow Percy’s Hero’s Journey. Percy, as a protagonist, follows the steps of the Hero’s Journey so perfectly. The power of three is also a huge element, which I’ll discuss in another podcast, so look for that coming up.

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