Tips for Writing Books with Magical Elements

Welcome to episode 47 of The WriterSpark Podcast, the podcast that ignites your creativity and fuels your passion for storytelling. I’m your host, Melissa Bourbon, and today I have an enchanting episode you won’t want to miss. I am thrilled to be joined by the bestselling author Barbara Davis, who is a true master at weaving magic into her novels. In this episode, Barbara shares her expert tips on writing books with magical elements.

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Barbara’s Insights

Barbara’s insights range from creating immersive magical worlds with just enough enchantment to charm readers to developing complex and relatable characters. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to enhance your writing skills, this conversation is fun and inspiring. 

So, grab your favorite notebook and a cup of tea, and get ready to dive into the magical art of storytelling with the wonderful Barbara Davis. Let’s spark your creativity and bring a little magic into your writing!

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  • ✨ Emilia Hart:
  • ✨ Alice Hoffman:
  • ✨ Adrienne Young:
  • ✨ Matt Haig:
  • ✨ Sarah Addison Allen:
  • ✨ Erin Morgenstern (Weyward!):
  • ✨ Alix E. Harrow:


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About Barbara Davis

Barbara is a Jersey girl raised in the south, now living and writing in Florida. Confused? Constantly. Happy? Deliriously! But then, living your dream will do that! After fifteen years of wearing heels and schlepping a briefcase as an executive in the jewelry industry, she traded in my pinstripes for a little peace of mind, and decided to follow her dream of becoming a women’s fiction author. And what a ride it’s been! Six books later, she’s still pinching herself, and she’s still as much in love with writing as she was the day she began this journey. Maybe it’s because she believes in miracles (and magic!), in happy endings, and new beginnings. Heaven knows she’s had her share.

She’s blessed to be married to her best friend and soul mate, Tom, who she must say, sets the bar pretty high for her on-the-page heroes. They also have a lovely ginger cat named Simon, who is twenty years old, wretchedly spoiled, and doesn’t give a fig if she’s on deadline or not. When she’s not making up stories, you’re likely to find her reading, cooking, watching college football, (Go Gators!) or spreading a little sunshine over on Facebook, on The Sunshine Page.

Visit Barbara at her website.

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