Take charge and do this to make your book sell

Writers, if your book is not selling, there are five key things to consider. It is possible to revive a stalled book. Take charge and do these things supercharge your book sales.

First, look at the cover. This is your first chance to grab a reader’s attention. Don’t be afraid to change it if you feel it’s not working.

Next, look at the title. Does it communicate the genre and tone of the book? It should.

Third is to evaluate the back cover copy. Is it written in a way that grabs the reader’s attention? This is the thing that will hopefully sell the reader after they are enticed by the cover.

Fourth, think about your story. Is it good? Is there a hero’s journey? Is it character-driven? Is your plot going to keep readers turning the pages? Be critical of your story.

Finally, what is the quality of your writing? Even the best characters and story and cover and title won’t keep a reader engaged if the writing isn’t top-notch. 

Sometimes you have to step back and give your books a hard, evaluative look. Only then can you pinpoint what they may need to get them selling.

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