Writing Prompt #5: Connecting Plot and Character

We’re wrapping up our Writing Prompt series on SETTING by looking at the connection between character and setting.

Setting gives the reader a world to visualize. It’s grounding. It creates mood and tone.

In Gone With the Wind, for example, Atlanta is almost a character. So it Tara. These locations provide much more than just the name of a city or property. They provide context for what’s happening in the story, and they provide an emotional connection between the character and place.

It’s a true relationship. As such, settings can give insight into a character. Scarlett’s connection to Tara and her desire–nay, determination–to save it shows quite a lot about her stubbornness, here doggedness, her resilience, and her grit.



Write a scene which shows an emotional connection between your character and a specific setting in their world.


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