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Crafting Stories or Baking a Cake? I often compare the crafting of a story to cooking or baking. You have a set of […]
Scroll down to watch on YouTube! That Old Adage Understanding how your fictional characters react is essential to  making them three-dimensional. There is […]
Getting to know your fictional characters, inside and out, is crucial I’ve decided to change up the Writing Prompt process. I’m a goal-oriented […]
Characters are at the Heart of the Story Characters are at the heart of every story. Without a strong hero, a book is […]
We’re wrapping up our Writing Prompt series on SETTING by looking at the connection between character and setting. Setting gives the reader a […]
Using Dialogue to Convey Setting Setting in a story can be given through description (see Writing Promp #3). Last time we talked about […]
Setting is a story’s time and place. You cannot have a story without setting. Setting grounds the entire narrative.  In books, setting can […]
When you think of a scene, consider starting with a wide angle lens first. Capture the bigger setting. Once you’ve done that, you […]
Everybody lives somewhere. When we look back on our childhood home, it’s common to feel uninspired by it. After all, it was jut […]