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Heath Ledger is a Compelling Hero from  A Knight’s Tale His path follows the Hero’s Journey. Not only that, the movie is a […]
Late Night is a fun movie, and, of course, it has a Hero’s Journey. Movie: Late Night, starring Mindy Kaling and Emma Thomson […]
The Hero’s Journey is a passion of mine. From the time I first read about it, I was interested. Once I started studying […]
If you have always wanted to know how to write cozy mystery, you are at the right place! The Field Guide to Writing a Cozy Mystery course has everything you need to make your dream a reality. You'll be making your dream come true in no time! The course offers tips and the essential elements of the genre. It's a cozy mystery guide, giving you step-by-step guidance and techniques to craft a book or series that will be competitive.
I’ve been hearing a lot about Imposter Syndrome lately. It comes down to a person not believing they deserve what they’ve achieved, or […]