Writing Historical Mysteries Writing historical mystery books is no easy feat. It takes time, research, a desire to learn about the era about which you want to write. And if you want to write a real showstopper, you have to immerse yourself.  These are only some of the reasons I sat down with Heather Redmond, author of  the Dickens of a Crime series with Kensington. Heather’s Tips She’s got some great tips, so if you have a hankering to write an historical mystery–and even if you don’t, check it out below. https://youtu.be/WVZ-S5sXosE By the way: Follow the WriterSpark page on Facebook and the Memoir Challenge group! Join the WriterSpark Academy newsletter! And share with your writing besties. Know a writer, aspiring or other, who might like this content? Share this site with with them!