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Outlining while Still Writing by the Seat of your Pants Outlining (or plotting) seems opposite of writing by the seat of your pants. […]
When it comes to plotting, most writers will usually say they are predominantly either Outliners (Plotters) or Pantsers. Whichever camp you fall into, […]
Listen to the Podcast or Watch the YouTube Episode on Deep Point of View. Deep POV is a technique that moves the reader […]
What makes a book a page-turner? It’s easy to say it is the plot and the characters that keep readers turning the pages. […]
I’ve been reflecting lately on why I teach writing. It started as a calling. Truly. I feel…I believe…I know…that I am a good […]
When you're writing fiction, the villain is just as important as the hero. More important, even. Start by creating the villain to ensure complexity.
Do you know 5 Guidelines for Writing a Memoir? This free webinar shares my five tips.  But let’s back up. The mere idea […]
What is Maverick’s Hero’s Journey, from Top Gun, you ask? Let me tell you. It’s fun to revisit a hero in a sequel. […]
Have you heard of the hero’s journey? It’s at the core of the mythic structure. Here it is for mysteries! The hero’s journey […]