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The benefits of having a writing coach are probably endless. Lengthy at the very least. Whether you are an aspiring writer looking to elevate your skills and take your craft to the next level or a seasoned writer seeking to reignite your creative spark, a writing coach could meet your needs. And whether you're a novelist, a blogger, or a content creator, a writing coach could be your ticket to success. Today I'm talking about the many benefits--ten to be exact-- of having a writing coach by your side.
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There are so many reasons to write cozy mysteries. In my book, there are 10 of them. The mystery genre is huge. From […]
Today I have 4 Steps for Revising your book LIKE A BOSS! Revising may not be your favorite part of the writing process, and that's okay. Every writer has their own favorite part. For me, it's the Big Magic. Revision is a close second.