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Letting go of the idea of perfection is a hard on, but here’s a great lesson: Whatever you do can be changed. Because […]
Finances for authors. It’s not the most appealing topic for people who spend their time with words…but wherever you are on your writing path, it’s never too early to start thinking about how to tackle your financial life as an author. Managing your expenses, especially in relation to current and/or future profits--or even just knowing what you are spending--is pretty important. Here are 7 tips to help you.
Have you set yourself up for success this year? Do you know how to actually do that? Let’s break it down. Y’all, we […]
What Makes a Compelling Hero? Giving your hero power is one of the most important things you can do when you are crafting […]
Living a creative life is amazing, but it often is in conflict with the business side of things when you are trying to parlay that creativity into a career. My 30th book released last month. You'd think I'd have figured out a way to meld the two sides of my creative life. The bottom line is that it's always a challenge to meld the two. This is why two creative friends and I began what is called a ‘mastermind group’. We did this in order to have accountability, not necessarily for our work product, but more for our intentions around our work, whatever that looks like for each of us. It has been a powerful tool in my writing life.
It is so important to add diversity to your writing. It's essential to have conversations like the one I had with VM Burns so we all learn how to represent races and cultures and sexuality intentionally and with authenticity and respect in our writing. Because we live in a diverse world filled with people who are of varying races, cultures, and who practice different religions, and politics, and who may live their lives differently than we do.
Scroll to the bottom for links to my chat with author Kathrine Ramsland on the latest Podcast episode or to watch it on […]
There are 10 very good reasons why it is vital for writers to also be readers. Let’s start with this: Successful people read. They read to gain knowledge, to learn about the world, its people, different cultures, and they read, as Oprah Winfrey says, because it is a “path to freedom”. For many people, reading is a hobby. Maybe that hobby is what influenced your decision to write. For writers, however, reading is far more than a hobby. It should be something you do…and do a lot. It should be a priority in your daily life. So, writers, read…and reap the benefits.
Please tell me, What are Turning Points in a Story? Are they necessary? What do they do? Let’s talk about it! Read along […] Writers, if your book is not selling, there are five key things to consider. It is possible to revive a stalled book. […]